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Recent Projects

Michigan Bitcoiners

I recently joined the Michigan Bitcoiners Meetup Group, and I'm working with the group to educate the public about cryptographic currencies. If you're interested in discussing Bitcoin, including associated technologies and economics, please attend a meeting.

If you would like to help defray the cost of the Michigan Bitcoiners Meetup Group, please send bitcoin to 1EcFNNKdA6veXF1imQpXbVMMhxG6R5MPNo

Thank you!

Tux Trax

Tux Trax is a web application for convention scheduling. It allows users to suggest events and participants to leave feedback about the events. It is currently being used for the scheduling of Penguicon 2015. In the future it will produce optimized schedules.

This Website

I developed this website using the Django web framework, jQuery, the Semantic Grid System and the Less CSS pre-processor. Fabric has been very helpful in deploying changes to Production.

At first I looked at Bootstrap, a popular front-end web framework. I realized Bootstrap has many more features than I need, and to customize it I would end up writing code in Less. So I decided to learn HTML5 and Less and develop my own lightweight front-end with the features I need.

Linode VPS

I lease a virtual private server from Linode, and I waited too long to update the Ubuntu server OS. I wound up setting up a new VPS. Fortunately I had documented the steps I took when I set up the first VPS, and setting up the new VPS was straightforward. It turned out to be a good review.