Recent Influences

By Bruce Webber
Posted 2020-08-06 in general

During the last year, I’ve been concerned about the polarization in our society and looking for ways to mend this. I found two resources that are very helpful: Rebel Wisdom and more recently, The Stoa.

Rebel Wisdom

I’ve learned much from Rebel Wisdom’s video series, especially The Science and Psychology of Difficult Conversations, Collective Intelligence and Sensemaking.

In the spring participated in the eight-week Sensemaking 101 course, which covered a lot of ground. Although I’ve completed the course, I still meet with my pod members Michel and Nathan to discuss the material.

The Stoa

Through Rebel Wisdom I learned about Peter Limberg and The Stoa, the community he stewards. I especially enjoy the weekly Shame Breakthrough Bootcamp and Socratic Speed Dating sessions.

Peter has difficulty describing The Stoa and is consciously not defining it. He recently wrote:

This space is extra hard to describe to normies. When I was journaling about what The Stoa is this came up: a space for daemonic inspired philosophical experiments. I guess the next time somebody asks me what I do I’ll just say, “I am a Chief Daemon Officer at this weird thing you would not understand, because I do not understand it.”