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Cape Cod 2022

Updated 2022-08-30

In August I spent a week with family in Cape Cod. We stayed in Eastham, which is near the Atlantic Ocean and Cape Cod Bay.

Spring 2022

Updated 2022-08-27

April in Southeast Michigan included a snowstorm along with pleasant weather for street photography.

BUC Funding Sources

Updated 2022-04-02

This year I'm on my church's Stewardship Committee. During one of our meetings we realized that members might not know how BUC raises money. So I created this video which describes how we carry out and fund our mission.

Charleston 2022

Updated 2022-02-26

I visited Charleston SC in late February 2022. It was warm and sunny, a nice change from Michigan.

Emperor Norton

Updated 2022-01-23

Joshua Norton was a successful business person living in San Francisco during the 1850’s when his life took a dramatic turn.

To Publish

Updated 2022-01-01

I've been considering the advantages and disadvantages of sharing my work. This video discusses these ideas.

Fall 2021

Updated 2021-10-19

I took these photos during the fall of 2021.

Arts, Beats and Eats 2021

Updated 2021-09-06

Arts, Beats & Eats is a summer festival held in Royal Oak, Michigan.

Spring and Summer 2021

Updated 2021-08-26

I took these photos during the spring and summer of 2021. I experimented with landscape photography, prisms, and street photography.

Making Coffee Liqueur

Updated 2021-07-02

My family is having a reunion this summer, and my sister Anita gave us an assignment: to think of a food associated with a pleasant childhood memory. We will share that food (or its recipe) at the reunion.

Fall 2020 and Winter 2021

Updated 2021-03-07

I took these photos as I was beginning to learn the basics of photography. In cold weather I find photography challenging. I don't like to be outside for long, and it's difficult to find good compositions when the trees are bare.

A Holiday Message

Updated 2020-12-11

I decided to create a short video to express what this time of year means to me, and the sense of wonder I experience.

Family Trip Out West

Updated 2020-11-22

These photos were taken during a trip out west in May of 2018. The desert colors and expanses are so different from what I experience in Michigan.

Last updated: 2021-11-10