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To Publish

Posted 2022-01-01 by Bruce Webber (general)

In June 2020 I completed my term as president of my church. I had more time and energy, and felt a strong desire to express myself. I set up my website and started blogging. That fall I began exploring photography. Over the next several months I continued to share the content I was creating, but I began to have doubts.

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Making Coffee Liqueur

Posted 2021-07-02 by Bruce Webber (general)

My family is having a reunion this summer, and my sister Anita gave us an assignment: to think of a food associated with a pleasant childhood memory. We will share that food (or its recipe) at the reunion.

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Superpowers, part 2

Posted 2021-04-04 by Bruce Webber (general)

At a recent meeting of the Spiral Dynamics Integral group, Mike Tomaino gave a presentation on his book How To Be A Superhero, relating sections of the book to developmental stages described in Spiral Dynamics.

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Superpowers, part 1

Posted 2021-03-28 by Bruce Webber (humor)

Now that my plan to become world dictator is suffering major setbacks, I’ve been thinking about superpowers.

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When I Become World Dictator

Posted 2021-01-17 by Bruce Webber (humor)

I believe it’s important to act decisively when I become world dictator, so I’ve begun writing my first proclamations.

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A Holiday Message

Posted 2020-12-11 by Bruce Webber (general)

I decided to create a short video to express what this time of year means to me, and the sense of wonder I experience.

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Manual Mode

Posted 2020-12-06 by Bruce Webber (general)

As I take more photos, I’m finding that I prefer to shoot in manual mode. That means I manually set the lens aperture (F stop), shutter speed and exposure sensitivity (ISO); I don’t let the camera choose these values for me.

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Posted 2020-11-25 by Bruce Webber (general)

I recently purchased a mirrorless, full frame camera, which does a great job with both still photography and videography. Photography will be another avenue for self-expression. I will post some of my photos on the Gallery page, and at some point I may create videos as well.

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