Excess Deaths, Part 4

Posted 2024-06-22 by Bruce Webber (excess deaths)

In my second article on excess deaths, I noted that mRNA vaccines may be a contributing factor. To explore this further, I looked at data from the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System.

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Inspirational Quotations

Posted 2024-06-02 by Bruce Webber (general)

I draw inspiration from these quotations.

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Excess Deaths, Part 3

Posted 2024-05-25 by Bruce Webber (excess deaths)

It's become clear that there are multiple causes for the non-COVID excess deaths. One of these causes is drug overdose.

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Bucket List

Posted 2024-04-28 by Bruce Webber (general)

Recently, I created a bucket list.

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Excess Deaths, Part 2

Posted 2024-03-31 by Bruce Webber (excess deaths)

I explored possible relationships between the excess deaths in 2023 and per capita GDP, population growth, and vaccination rates.

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Excess Deaths

Posted 2024-03-08 by Bruce Webber (excess deaths)

In 2023, excess deaths continued in the United States and other Western countries. The majority of these deaths were not from COVID.

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The Truman Show 2: Dark Passage

Posted 2023-07-30 by Bruce Webber (great films)

Many enjoyed The Truman Show, a movie about Truman Burbank, who, without his knowledge, is the star of a lifelong television show. Few saw its sequel.

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Illegal Art Exhibit Contract

Posted 2023-05-12 by Bruce Webber (humor)

Recently I rediscovered the Illegal Art Exhibit Contract, a satirical end-user license agreement (EULA) for the Illegal Art Exhibit Website. This site discusses intellectual property law and promoted an art exhibit in Portland, Oregon.

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