Bucket List

Posted 2024-04-28 by Bruce Webber (general)

Recently, I created a bucket list.

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Excess Deaths, Part 2

Posted 2024-03-31 by Bruce Webber (general)

I explored possible relationships between the excess deaths in 2023 and per capita GDP, population growth, and vaccination rates.

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Excess Deaths

Posted 2024-03-08 by Bruce Webber (general)

In 2023, excess deaths continued in the United States and other Western countries. The majority of these deaths were not from COVID.

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The Truman Show 2: Dark Passage

Posted 2023-07-30 by Bruce Webber (great films)

Many enjoyed The Truman Show, a movie about Truman Burbank, who, without his knowledge, is the star of a lifelong television show. Few saw its sequel.

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Illegal Art Exhibit Contract

Posted 2023-05-12 by Bruce Webber (humor)

Recently I rediscovered the Illegal Art Exhibit Contract, a satirical end-user license agreement (EULA) for the Illegal Art Exhibit Website. This site discusses intellectual property law and promoted an art exhibit in Portland, Oregon.

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BUC Stewardship Interviews

Posted 2023-03-11 by Bruce Webber (general)

This year the Stewardship Committee decided to interview several members of the Birmingham Unitarian Church staff to learn about their vision for the future and the resources they need to accomplish that vision. Eric Sargent, a member of the Stewardship Committee, spoke with Sara Constantakis, Shannon Snideman, and Steven and Abha Dearing.

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Duathlon Debacle

Posted 2022-12-27 by Timothy Sparks (great films)

For the holidays I gave myself two gifts. I sat down and watched two movies that really tested my mettle as a movie watcher. Some athletes run marathons or participate in the Iron Man triathlon. I figured three movies for me to duplicate this experience. What does not kill you makes you stronger. However, I had to stop at two in order to survive the experience. So this is a duathlon debacle.

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BUC Funding Sources

Posted 2022-04-02 by Bruce Webber (general)

This year I'm on my church's Stewardship Committee. During one of our meetings we realized that members might not know how BUC raises money. So I created this video which describes how we carry out and fund our mission.

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