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Buffet Buddy

2020-10-10 (humor)

Do you remember those late night TV commercials for products like the Magic Garden Widget? They would start in black and white, showing someone frustrated at some task. Perhaps it was a woman trying to remove weeds from her garden, wiping her brow.

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The Sandwich Cannon

2020-09-04 (humor)

Now that I have a large team reporting to me, it’s hard to find a place for us all to meet.

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The Parrot

2020-07-27 (humor)

I've never known a developer who likes seeing bird shit on their laptop.

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The Smart Umbrella

2020-07-25 (humor)

After I lost my third umbrella in one month, it occurred to me that with today’s technology this shouldn’t happen. So I assembled my team and we began working on the problem. This is how the smart umbrella was born.

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black ceramic mug on brown wooden table
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