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The Truman Show 2: Dark Passage

Posted 2023-07-30 by Bruce Webber (great films)

Many enjoyed The Truman Show, a movie about Truman Burbank, who, without his knowledge, is the star of a lifelong television show. Few saw its sequel.

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Duathlon Debacle

Posted 2022-12-27 by Timothy Sparks (great films)

For the holidays I gave myself two gifts. I sat down and watched two movies that really tested my mettle as a movie watcher. Some athletes run marathons or participate in the Iron Man triathlon. I figured three movies for me to duplicate this experience. What does not kill you makes you stronger. However, I had to stop at two in order to survive the experience. So this is a duathlon debacle.

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Lone Wolf McQuade

Posted 2022-01-30 by Timothy Sparks (great films)

It's only so often that an expressionless, emotionless man who has become a major Hollywood star is able to formulaically crank out a cookie cutter movie that can leave you as delighted as Lone Wolf McQuade left me.

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Cherry 2000

Posted 2020-11-24 by Timothy Sparks (great films)

All too infrequently does a movie come along that explores the post-apocalyptic conundrum that mankind faces symbolically when choosing between technological and organic love. Even less frequent are movies about the literal conundrum that an actual man would face in the post apocalyptic world when choosing between loving a robotic woman or a human woman. This is the pot of cinematic gold that Cherry 2000 brings us.

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Navy Seals vs. Zombies

Posted 2020-11-05 by Timothy Sparks (great films)

I set out to review another feature, the aptly named Alien Private Eye, but in my quest to obtain a quality version of that film, I stumbled across a movie that I purport is made for the troubled times we find ourselves in. I refer, of course, to Navy Seals vs. Zombies from the Hollywood Media Bridge division of Anchor Bay.

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Great Films

Posted 2020-11-05 by Bruce Webber (great films)

I’m pleased to announce that Timothy Sparks, a long-time friend, will be contributing to this website. Timbo will be writing a series of film reviews which will have the tag great films.

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