Recent Influences

Posted 2020-08-06 by Bruce Webber (general)

During the last year, I’ve been concerned about the polarization in our society and looking for ways to mend this. I found two resources that are very helpful: Rebel Wisdom and more recently, The Stoa.

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The Crisis: A Warning

Posted 2020-08-01 by Bruce Webber (Phase Shift, The Crisis)

This is part one of a series of articles about the COVID-19 pandemic.

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The Parrot

Posted 2020-07-27 by Bruce Webber (humor)

I've never known a developer who likes seeing bird shit on their laptop.

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My Core Values

Posted 2020-07-26 by Bruce Webber (general)

In late 2018 Larry Larson, a member of the Humanists of Birmingham Unitarian Church, asked me to present my core values. Here is the text of my presentation, which I delivered on 2019-05-31.

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The Smart Umbrella

Posted 2020-07-25 by Bruce Webber (humor)

After I lost my third umbrella in one month, it occurred to me that with today’s technology this shouldn’t happen. So I assembled my team and we began working on the problem. This is how the smart umbrella was born.

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Posted 2020-07-24 by Bruce Webber (general)

As a child I was fascinated by blank paper—either individual sheets or sheets bound into a book, but definitely blank. An unmarked page has potential; anything is possible.

I usually had no idea what to write.

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